Weather Brossac South Charente

Charente Climate overview

The Charente climate is affected not so much on a North/South Axis but East/West. Certainly the Charente is far enough south to get a vert pleasant Easter (around 17º) and hot summers during which temperatures will reach 28/30º in July and August. For most people this is hot enough without being unbearable. During the winter months, while not long lived often feature clear sunny skies in daytime which will produce chilly nights with a fair number of frosts. Average rainfall is about thirty inches per year giving this area a pleasant landscape and it is rare to get more than a day of rain at a time. The East/West factor is primarily due to the warm airflow from the Atlantic Ocean to the west. This makes a noticeable difference during the winter months when inland areas such as Limoges can be as much as 5º colder than the micro climate of the South Charente. The resumé for the Charente is "a short Winter of reasonable days and cold nights, an early breaking Spring and late breaking Autumn with a delightful Summer in-between."

South Charente

charente climateSince the first cave painters, art has flourished through the ages in this inviting environment, today home to a variety of modern craftspeople. The first settlers to be charmed by the gentle climate of the South Charente depicted horses on the walls of their rock shelter on the banks of the Boëme. The Romans saw the potential of this area too, though the Gallo-Roman site at Challignac has suffered the ravages of time more than the horses have. Later on came waves of invading Vikings, and Saracens from Spain. Montmoreau was originally called Mont des Maures (Moors’ hill)... Read More...