Getting to Brossac in South Charente

The Charente is blessed with good access and its proximity to fantastic sites while being "in the middle of nowhere!" You can think that you are completely out of the modern world- far from modern concerns one moment, then jump in the car for a pleasant, unstressful car ride and in just a few minutes arrive in Cosmopolitan Angouleme, Cognac or Bordeaux.... This is markedly different from the neighboring Dordogne which has agonisingly crooked and indirect access roads.

charente map

Transportation tips for a great Visit

A lot of people want a country holiday and try to avoid car travel. However, the area around Brossac really calls for a car. There are great open distances with several kilometres of just farms, forests and nature reserves. The sights to see are spread out amongst them and are not concentrated in one area. To truly see all the beauty of the region in a week or two, opt for a car. Rental cars are available at all airports and train stations- make sure you reserve in advance and verify the open hours compared to your arrival time.

Save your bicycle and feet for getting around on the visits you choose! You can take the car to your departure point and then hoof it from there- it will be the best bet for an enjoyable visit. If you need a bicylce rack for your rental car and rental bicycles, Etang Vallier Resorts has both available (reservation necessary).

There is taxi service to Brossac- try to reserve it for your evenings out. A taxi from Bordeaux airport costs at least 85 euros and from Angouleme you can expect 70 euros. The bus services from Brossac exist mostly for the students going to middle school and upper grades- there is service to Barbezieux, Chalais and Angouleme. From a locals point of view- they are recommended if the car breaks down and you can't hitch hike!